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I worked at a non-profit organization for a few years, and the employee turnover at that company was frightening. This particular group attracted young adults right out of college, like myself, who believe in the mission, work hard, settle for nothing short of excellence, and are willing to sacrifice personally for the good of the organization and ultimately the good of the community being served by the organization. And that lasted less than three years for most employees during the time — the three years — I worked at that organization. The turnover was high because talented, driven young people attract opportunities, and even when unemployment is a societal problem on the whole, they can often choose from multiple offers

(Rococo Dessous)Have you always dreamed of lounging in bed in soft, silky clothes made of precious metal? No, you probably haven’t. Most people wouldn’t. Very rich women, however, have apparently been missing sparkly lingerie in their lives, and now there’s a company prepared to give it to them.Pieces from Rococo Dessous range in price from $1,550 to $6,000. They’re made with gold thread from Switzerland, which is fine enough that garments woven from it are “surprising[ly] soft and durable,” the line’s designer told CNBC…


Piet Hein Eek believes in creating products with the aim that there will be no materials left over, or creating products using leftover materials. Often leftover materials go to waste because the labour to reappropriate them is too expensive, so the Dutch furniture designer decided to turn this notion on its head.

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It’s not easy to “brown bag” a salad: If you put dressing on your greens before work, you end up with soggy lettuce; if you keep the dressing on the side, you end up lugging lots of plastic containers back and forth, increasing the likelihood that you’ll lose one of them.…

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British National Archives

A “discoid shape” is circled in a picture taken at Stonehenge and submitted to the British Ministry of Defense in 2009. The ministry said trying to identify the speck would be an “inappropriate use of defence resources.”

With most key global markets trading lower, today John Embry warned King World News about the stability of the global financial markets and cautioned, “We have never seen anything like this in history.” Embry also warned, “I just don’t see this ending well.” Below is what Embry had to say in his powerful interview.

Services That Calgary Roofers Provide

A Calgary roofing service installs roofing materials like tiles, slate, and metal roofs. It may also repair and restore roofing and guttering, as well as installing solar paneling and water tanks. It may also repair skylights and should perform asbestos removal. The wider the range of services a roofing company provides, the better. It means your Epic Roofing can provide for all your roofing needs and avoids you having to deal with multiple contractors.


What Services are Provided?

Unless you have a small job to be done, it is best to ensure that your Calgary roofing contractor provides a wide range of services:

Repairs and Restoration


  • Roof restoration involves high pressure cleaning, cleaning out gutters, repointing and rebidding of ridge-caps and can also include repairing tiles. It should be done on a regular basis to prevent damage from building up on your roof.


  • Re-roofing is replacing your old roofing material with new roofing material. It may involve asbestos removal. It is costly and should be done when the damage to your old roof, whether a tile or slate roof, involves more than 20% of the tiles.



  • Insulation services with fully certified installers adds protection and lowers heating and cooling costs. See what types of insulation products your roofing services company provides.


  • Asbestos Removal services offered by the roofing company are essential to ensure all asbestos encountered is safely removed from your property.


  • Water tank installation should be done by licensed plumbers under contract to, or working directly for, your roofing service company.


  • Installation and repair of skylights means you don’t have to call a carpenter to do any work on the skylights on your roof. Your roofing service will take care of it for you.



  • Installation and repair of ventilation systems is a vital service. The quality of the ventilation systems offered by your roofing service is an important factor in having a roof that keeps you cool in summer and warm in winter. See what ventilation products your roofing service has to offer.


  • Smoke alarms provided by a roofing service add another layer of security to your home. See if your service provides this.


Asbestos and Insulation

Water tanks, Skylights, and Solar Panels

Ventilation and Smoke Alarms



Ensure your roofing services company has a safety system in place for all roofers with harnesses and rails. The service should have worker’s compensation and liability insurance. This avoids the danger of you being sued for any accident that occurs while your roof is being worked on.…