Salaries, Employment and Gold

I worked at a non-profit organization for a few years, and the employee turnover at that company was frightening. This particular group attracted young adults right out of college, like myself, who believe in the mission, work hard, settle for nothing short of excellence, and are willing to sacrifice personally for the good of the […]



Piet Hein Eek believes in creating products with the aim that there will be no materials left over, or creating products using leftover materials. Often leftover materials go to waste because the labour to reappropriate them is too expensive, so the Dutch furniture designer decided to turn this notion on its head. Protect your money and […]

Around the world

Around the World

British National Archives A “discoid shape” is circled in a picture taken at Stonehenge and submitted to the British Ministry of Defense in 2009. The ministry said trying to identify the speck would be an “inappropriate use of defence resources.” With most key global markets trading lower, today John Embry warned King World News about […]